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Welcome to Malware Patrol! We have been gathering and providing malware and ransomware threat data since 2005. This information is used by enterprises and open source members of our community to protect networks and assets in more than 130 countries. For ease of use, we offer data feeds in pre-defined and customized contents and formats compatible with the most popular security systems.

Malware Patrol

Customizable feeds.
Easy to integrate.

Malware Patrol

Fast and accurate.
Constant updates.

Malware Patrol

Mix of automation
and human analysis.

No single vendor can protect you from all threats.

Dynamic layered security is the most effective approach for protecting networks and users. Malware Patrol specializes in malware and ransomware. As a result, our data feeds are a high-quality and hyper-focused resource.

We protect you from live threats.


Malicious URLs
monitored every day


DGA domains
valid for today

11 years

Protecting customers from
malware and ransomware


Blocked active
malware URLs


Active malware and
ransomware C&Cs


Customers in 130+
countries trust our feeds

Last update: 2017-07-23 00:09:02 UTC (graphs)

Evaluation of our Enterprise Threat Feeds is available upon request.

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